Welcome to AIM Capital

Partner InvestmentAIM Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIM Alliance of Companies operating out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  AIM capital line of business is our fastest growing and most dynamic business as the demand for equity and finance continues to be a big part of Western Canadian based Oil and Gas company strategies. To date we have facilitated over $1B CAD with major international clients and financiers.

At AIM Capital, our focus is to identify and value opportunities primarily within the private energy sector of western Canada and provide the essential working data for the purposes of investment or acquisition.

Our financiers are both national and international, with a large, readily accessible pool of capital for business opportunities of $50MM to $1B to invest, for industry standard rates of return.

It is AIM’s mandate to find the right companies, with solid projected growth and strategies, that are lead by proven and dynamic management teams.

Those companies will be required to provide production and financial information (under mutual NDA) to meet AIM’s due diligence and evaluation criteria.

AIM has garnered the trust of their financiers for investment recommendations based on our proven evaluation criteria which is always justified and underpinned with current market benchmarks.

Our facilitating process dictates transparency and allows for open negotiations to reach fair agreement.

If you would like to get more information on AIM Partner Investment Inc, please don’t hesitate to contact us.